Building the modern stack with open source data solutions.

Open Source Data Stack Conference

Building the modern stack with open source data solutions.

Sept. 28 - 30 2021


About the Event

The emergence of the modern data stack has seen a rapid spike in the number of data tools an organization can use to drive better decision making. Each tool has become highly specialized in its portion of the data lifecycle, plus tools that are open source are a powerful way for technology buyers to reduce exposure to vendor lock-in.

Open-source software helps you to control the end-to-end flow of customer data throughout your organization:

  • To guarantee data auditability
  • To allow data governance
  • To support consumer data privacy
  • To enable productive engineer workflows

By taking ownership and control over your data pipeline through open source, you can reduce the “trust surface area” for your customer data.

Join us at the first ever conference dedicated to building a modern data stack using open source data solutions.

We are bringing together the building blocks of the open source data stack to demonstrate how teams can build a data stack that reflects their needs.