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Max Beauchemin

Founder and CEO @ Preset


Maxime Beauchemin is the founder and CEO of Preset, a series B startup supporting and commercializing the Apache Superset project. Max was the original creator of Apache Airflow and Apache Superset when he was at Airbnb. Max has over a decade of experience in data engineering, at companies like Lyft, Airbnb, Facebook, and Ubisoft.

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Analyze: Superset

Now that you have a modern data stack to handle storage and computation, it’s time to choose a business intelligence platform to enable your organization to create and socialize visual insights from your data. In this talk, I’ll discuss my frustrations with proprietary BI platforms and what led me to help create Apache Superset. I’ll make the case for why the future of business intelligence is open source and end with a demo of Superset in action.